redstar in realtime

Do you have a clear, purpose-driven brand your employees and customers can believe in?

The future of your company is riding on your answer to that question. If it’s no, then money spent on an expensive website, new product launch or internal communications program will be money wasted. Building a solid marketing foundation starts with you – the owner or leader of the organization. You’ve got to press pause on your crazy schedule and spend some focused time redefining and fortifying your company brand  – the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox and the key to making believers out the people who matter most to your company’s future.

But you’re busy. We get it.

That’s why we’ve created collaborative, hands-on workshop options for business owners and leaders like you. We offer two tracks, both designed to optimize our time spent with you in order to generate insightful, authentic brand strategies and creative work in realtime  – an accelerated pace that will get you as quickly as possible to an internal and external brand that will build believers and secure your position in the market. Then you’ll be ready to dive into those critical marketing projects that have been waiting so patiently on the back burner until we get this part right.

“The Redstar team immersed themselves into our company and culture to create work that tapped into the soul of what we were trying to accomplish. The final product beat our greatest expectations while being delivered on time and on budget.”

-Brent Koosman, Director of Marketing, Jennie-O Turkey Store

realtime  |  collaborative

FORMAT: Done in a group of 3 companies

LENGTH: 3 weeks from initial interview to final presentation

LEADERSHIP TIME COMMITMENT: 3 five-hour sessions

This is an opportunity for you, as a business owner or leader, to focus on re-establishing your company brand in order to re-align it with your vision, values, current market conditions and customer expectations. You’ll walk through a facilitated and highly collaborative process alongside two other companies allowing you to get outside perspective and professional feedback as you go.

Our realtime collaborative track is a completely unique process based on over 30 years of experience as a full-service marketing agency with a unique culture and collaborative process working with clients of all sizes. It also draws on our vast experience teaching workshops and facilitating special programs through our marketing un/academy for entrepreneurs which has graduated over 130 businesses in the last eight years. Realtime takes our un/academy concept to the next level for more mature companies, offering a much deeper dive into strategy and creative work.

realtime  |  immersive

FORMAT: Focused on 1 company

LENGTH: 4-8 weeks from initial interview to final presentation

LEADERSHIP TIME COMMITMENT: 16 hours over 2-4 collaborative sessions

If your company is experiencing significant change, it’s almost certain that your internal and external brand strategies are out of alignment with your new vision for success. We see it all the time. It can happen when companies go through generational ownership transitions, key leadership changes, rapid growth, dramatic restructuring, or business model pivots to keep up with changing market demands.

Our realtime immersive track is designed to help your company brand bridge the gap between where you’ve been and where you are headed. It is highly customized and extremely collaborative, meaning our Redstar team works directly with your leadership, employees and/or customers to dig deep into the issues you face, understand your company DNA and come up with a creative roadmap to revitalize connections with the people who matter most and realign your brand with your current vision. The work happens in realtime and the results are realized in weeks rather than months.